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Dana’s Story:

I am a curvy girl, always have been and probably always will be, though I continue to long for thinner thighs.  I am human after all. 

I am somewhere between an hourglass shape and a triangle shape.  I carry my weight in my hips and thighs.  For most of my teens and twenties, my body was a great source of frustration for me.  There was no place I dreaded more than the dressing room.

I would walk into the dressing room full of hope and joy over my recent discoveries. Ultimately, I would either be deliriously happy that my latest treasure not only fit but it also looked fabulous on me; or I would be frustrated, upset, and convinced that I needed to lose 10 or 20 pounds. To give you some perspective, I weighed between 130 and 145 pounds for most of life and am 5’9” tall.  Yet, time and time again, I would try on the latest greatest trendy item and feel demoralized.  I would allow a piece of fabric to steal my self confidence.

About ten years ago, my love hate relationship with the dressing room changed. It started with a television show- The BBC’s “What Not to Wear.”  Let me tell you, I love Trinny and Susannah.  Thank you Ladies!  They changed my entire outlook on personal style.  This show opened my eyes to dressing to suit my body shape.  I hired a personal shopper to help guide me and I bought every book I could find on the subject.  Before long, my friends were asking what I had done to lose weight.  I knew I had found the Holy Grail.

Today, I rarely enter the dressing room with something that I am uncertain about but when I do- I don’t allow it to make me feel bad about myself even though I am the heaviest I have been in years.  Instead, I acknowledge it for what it is… this particular item doesn’t work on me. I tried it on and it didn’t work.

I religiously read any article on dressing for your body shape and often consult local stylists about how to make a certain “must have” item work on my curvy body.  I still miss the mark at times and that’s okay.  My personal style is my own and I continue to explore what I like.  There is nothing I love more than seeing a confident woman rocking a great outfit. I think to myself- what elements of her style can I steal and incorporate into my closet.

I hope you will join our conversation and lend your personal sense of style to Chic Speak.  It is time that we as women grow to appreciate how stunningly beautiful we all are…

Angie’s Story:

I am a 40+ working mother of three.  I am also a wife, sister, daughter and friend.  In 2009, thanks to prodding by Dana, I added entrepreneur to my list of credits.  Thank God I come from a long line of multi-taskers!

Now, thanks to more prodding by Dana, I am adding blogger to my list of things to do.  I guess she figured that since I am already doing the research (I love to shop for anything and everything) that I should contribute.

I have never considered myself as having much of a sense of style.  It has taken me over 40 years to realize that just as we all have different facets to our personality; we have different facets to our personal style. Whether I am funky, edgy, tailored, geeky, athletic or sophisticated, my style is a reflection of my inner confidence. When you are confident, you can "rock" just about any look!  I garner my inspiration from other confident women in my circle.

So even though I do not look like a model, know the first thing about the business of fashion, or already have 6,000 things on my plate, I am joining Dana on this journey to expand my circle of inspiration, share pieces of myself and learn a few things from all the amazing women out there!  I can’t wait to share my closet with you and steal style from yours!

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