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The Easiest Jewelry Organization System Ever!

I don’t know about you but I have an obsession with all things that sparkle.  I love jewelry- the expensive stuff and costume pieces.  I have managed to collect quite a few pieces over the years but I have never figured out a way to organize it that didn’t take a lot of space, allowed me to see everything at once, made it easy to stay organized, and didn’t cost a fortune.  Until now.

I was cleaning out my closet this past weekend and I suddenly discovered valuable hidden space. Step into your closet and look behind the door.  Is there an empty wall behind your door?  If so, you have found some valuable real estate.  I ended up gaining about about 54 inches of dead space in my closet- the 30 inches behind the door and another 24 inches between the door and the edge of my shelves.  But that’s not all. I was able to use the vertical space as well.  When you look at your closet, look at the vertical space as well as the horizontal space.  Can you hang things around the ceiling?  Or like me, can you hang things all over an unused wall?

I used 3M Command hooks which do not require you to use any screws or nails.  Just stick the double sided tape on the plastic hook and press onto the wall.  This is a great solution if you live in a rental because you just pull the tape and the hook is easily removed. 

I used two different sizes of hooks – the very small 1lb hooks and the medium sized 3lbs hooks.  I chose the 3lb hooks because I could buy a package with 6 hooks for $6.97.  The one pound hooks were more expensive at about $1.50 a hook.  I must admit that I wiped out the local hardware store.

Getting Started:

Pull out all of the jewelry you would like to organize and sort by color, style, and length.  This will allow you to maximize the amount of jewelry you can efficiently squeeze into your space.  Approach your jewelry as if you were a stylist- merchandise it- put like pieces close to one another.  You may discover that two or three pieces that you never considered putting together actually look really fresh next to one another.  Think outside of the box.  As you can see in the picture above, I turned an arched nemesis (the security alarm) into a shelf for odd sized rings and bracelets.

I used a left over piece of silk ribbon to create a brooch hanger (see below).  I like to be able to see my jewelry in the morning and it really needs to be easy to grab on my way out the door.  Often, I would forget that I have these amazing vintage brooches because they were tucked away in a drawer.  When I started to think vertically, I realized that they would be more accessible if they were hanging in my closet.  So, I tied a loop in one end of the ribbon and then tied a slip knot about every two inches thereafter.  I closed the brooch around the ribbon (not pinned through it) and the knot prevents it from sliding off.

My final tip- if there is anything on your closet floor, on shelves, or in a drawer that you can fit on hook then consider hanging it on any unused wall space.  I used the hard to reach area up next to the ceiling to hang my tote and satchel bags. Many of my short necklaces are hanging closer to the floor.  If you look closely, you will see that I staggered the hooks to maximize how many pieces will fit in this tight space.

I have to admit I have a whole new respect for the 30-36 inches of wall space.  I can’t help thinking that the space behind Jeff’s closet door is totally unused.  Hmmm. I think my scarves would look great in his closet…

Stop Your Skinny Belt from Sticking Out...

Belts, belts and more belts… Angie loves using belts as a quick and easy way to change her look and add some definition to her shape.  If you wear skinny belts, then you probably have noticed that most skinny belts only have one belt loop to keep the belt in place.  When you are wearing a skinny belt around your mid section instead of your hips, this causes the end of the belt to stick out.  You can tuck the belt, but this can add unnecessary bulk and sometimes it just looks bad.

A quick and easy trick to keep your belt neatly in place is to use a clear, plastic ponytail holder as an additional belt loop. 

You can get this type of ponytail holder at any drug store.  Goody’s sells them for around $3 for 100 holders.  Place the holder on your belt, loop it once, adjust it so it is flat and you have an adjustable belt loop.  Since it is clear it blends in with the color of your belt making it virtually unnoticeable.

There you have it- a cheap, easy, and quick way to keep your belt from sticking out in all the wrong places!

Slip the ponytail holder over the end of your belt and loop it once.  See picture on the right. We had to use two for the photo (so it would be visible) but you only need one.

Finished product:  the belt no longer sticks out and the ponytail holder is barely visible.

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